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December 2018

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 LOL a Unfair thing i want to change.

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PostSubject: LOL a Unfair thing i want to change.   Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:27 pm

There is one thing i don´t like on this server... it´s the thing that you prefer knights alot rofl... why is that? For example this thing: The hoighest amount of mana which sorcs can get is 2000 even with donater not more and what do knights heal with their uber potion? lol 3,4k+ my freind told me that he healed 4k rofl so who will tell me that this isn´t unfair and another thing is what good spells can just ed do not one more but knights can they don´t even have to be epic they can a paralyze spell which is imba and theys can a spell dunno he name from lvl 420+ and don´t need epic rofl they are fucking overpowered . I don´t know the reason why but please please change something on that and tell me i want to know your answer to my complainment. And don´t just tell me they aren´t overpowerd because this piss me off we don´t get down a lvl 340 ek even if we are 3 ppl above 380
and a ms in this lvl can easly beat down in some seconds. So gimme your answer god Twisted Evil Mad
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PostSubject: Re: LOL a Unfair thing i want to change.   Mon Jun 22, 2009 6:42 pm

Forgot one more thing. You said to me there will be more and more hnting spawns in vip and so on but lol.... the normal undead drag spawn is bigger and there are more undeads than in thais?!?! wtf? so why ppl should buy vip and there are no more quests so why they should buy it? If i were you i would map something like you can´t get in normal status and pleas please add some hunting spawns>.< i don´t know where to hunt and you don´t put anything new into vip place >.< take it as an tip and change something at that as fast as you can.
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LOL a Unfair thing i want to change.
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